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time in 96 years. all good fun. enjoy the day. see you at noon. good morning. final arguments. casey anthony cries in court as the prosecutor calls her a liar, who killed her daughter, while her defense team calls the case against her a fantasy, making the prosecutor smile. we'll hear from both sides as the jury prepares to decide her fate. budging on the budget. two senate republicans say they consider some higher taxes along with major budget cuts, but warn time is running out for congress to make a deal on raising the government's debt limit. we have the very latest this morning from washington. and french twist. politicians in france take a new look at dominique strauss-kahn's future now that the sexual assault case against him in the u.s. is falling apart. could france elect him president? early this monday morning, july president? early this monday morning, july 4th, 2011.
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captioning funded by cbs and good morning. i'm erica hill. nice to have you with us on this fourth of july. flags out there in full force. >> yeah. good morning. chris wragge is off this morning. >> i like the tie. >> i like the red. >> we're color coordinating. >> fourth of july, america's independence day. we also like to talk about the brits on a day like today. >> and so do the canadians. >> they do. the duke and duchess of cambridge are still in the midst of their north american tour. they'll be making their way to the states later this week. talk about a reception in canada. i think they are fans. >> you think so? >> just a little. >> we were watching this all weekend. will and kate seem to like
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canada and canada seem to like them. >> she had a make believe pin and make believe hat, fas narrashe's a recycler. just as dramatic as the rest of the trial, troy roberts is outside the courthouse in orlando with the very latest. troy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the lead prosecutor and defense attorneys in this case have been at each other's throats throughout much of the trial. judge bell vin perry have admonished them many times, calling for civility. yesterday, emotions got the best of everyone. >> she chose to sacrifice her child. to live the life that she wanted. >> prosecutor jeff ashton minutesed few words in his closing argument that, at times, brought 25-year-old casey anthony to tears. >> and screaming, this is your fault! >> reporter: ashton detailed
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what he called anthony's repeated lies about her daughter, caylee, who had been missing for a month in the summer of 2008. >> she's very smart and her lies are very detailed. but what you find throughout this case is this persistent pattern. when casey wants to do what casey wants to do, casey finds a way. >> reporter: caylee's remains were found a few months later, walking distance from the anthony home. ashton told jurors casey anthony killed her daughter with chloroform and duct tape, saying casey was tired of being a mom to 2-year-old caylee, who soon would interrupt her love life. >> and she died because she could not breathe. she died because she had three pieces of duct tape over her nose and mouth. she died because her mother decided that the life that she wanted was more important. this murder was premeditated. and the defendant is guilty. >> this is something that just doesn't add up. >> reporter: defense attorney jose baez pleaded with the jury
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to spare his client from a conviction that could lead to her execution. >> no real hard evidence, no dna, no fingerprints, nothing. but she's a liar and a slut. convict her on that. >> reporter: baez made an emotional case to the jurors, raising reasonable doubt. >> why? because she wanted to go party? they want to give you the who without the where, the how or the why. >> reporter: the defense reiterated its theory that caylee accidentally drowned in the family's backyard pool. they say that casey's father, george anthony, helped to cover it up, claiming that the prosecution can't prove otherwise. >> if you don't know what happened, that's it. if it wasn't proven to you that it happened, that's it. it's over. it's not guilty on every count. >> reporter: b.
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aez's emotions ran over after he called the prosecution's evidence fantasy forensics. those words brought a smile to prosecutor jeff ashton. >> but the truth is the truth and depending on who is asking the question, whether it's this laughing guy right here or myself. >> objection. >> sustained. approach the bench. >> reporter: judge bell vin perry had enough. >> i assume that you are all professionals. >> reporter: jose baez and john ashton eventually apologized. we'll see if that truce hold this is morning during prosecution's final rebuttal. >> here in the studio with us now is criminologist casey jordan. you've been covering this, watching it very closely. that last bit at the end as we saw from troy, the judge admonishing both attorneys. that's sort of a metaphor for this case and how wild it's been. >> it really is. we expected some fireworks but not in a little sand box squabble between the lead attorneys in the case.
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in the end, jose baez did break one of the rules. got called out. meeting in chambers. it may have interrupted the flow of his closing arguments, which are what is expected to be the fireworks. >> let's start with the prosecution. the burden is on the prosecution here. the defense, he says very clearly, look, they didn't have any evidence. they didn't show you any evidence. did the prosecution do its job here? >> i was impressed, yes. jeff ashton, lead prosecutor, he really has a gift of delivery. he pulled some stuff out that really made your spine tingle. he talked about casey anthony's password was timer 55 and it was 55 days from the time of caylee's death to her birthday where she wouldn't be able to come up with an excuse of where caylee was on her birthday party. and the different faces of eve, really about the partying. he really finally hammered about the motive, which they really
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ignored. it wasn't an element of murder. but he pictured this party girl who couldn't have the life and independence that she wanted as long as her daughter was in the way. he was extremely effective with that and then he went through the forensics and laid it out. highly effective closing. >> what about from the defense? as i mentioned, he said the prosecution has no evidence. he tried to hammer home the point as a juror, you can't rely on your emotions here when making a decision. which is interesting, as clearly both sides are are trying to play up the emotions. >> yes. jose baez walked through the forensics where it didn't add up, saying it didn't make sense, didn't add up. cheney mason brought it home and hammered on the idea that if you can envision an accident -- remember, the biggest gorilla in the room is that casey didn't steak the stand. the truth is the biggest gorilla
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in the room is what they presented didn't match their opening statement. what he ended up doing is simply reminding the jury, if you can envision an accident, any kind of accident, if they did not rise to a level of murder, then you must vote not guilty. he simply said if you have any question in your mind, then you have a doubt and that doubt equals not guilty, which was effective. >> when do you think we'll actually hear a guilty or not guilty? >> if this is a lightning fast jury, we have seen them come back in a number of hours. i wouldn't like that. it would show a rush to judgment because they wanted to get out of there. we see that with sequestered jury. as early as close of business tomorrow, tuesday. and definitely by friday, 4:00. nobody wants to go and spend another weekend after this many weeks. >> quickly, how unusual is it to have a trial on the weekends and now the fourth of july? >> extremely unusual. but don't forget, this jury wanted to work on memorial day.
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six weeks of sequestration is a long time for them. judge perry wants this thing over with. for him to pull people in on sundays and on the fourth of july, shows he means business. >> casey jordan, thank you for being here. >> always great to be here. >> a special prime time special when casey anthony trial does come to a conclusion. stay tuned to cbs news for that. a judge in the netherlands entered a not guilty plea. he couldn't make his own plea because he had been thrown out of court. mark phillips is in london with the latest on this this morning. gd morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. even before this trial began, there were signs that it wasn't going to go smoothly. there were arguments over who would represent mladic. as the judges filed in this
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morning, mladic showed he may be an old man on trial for war crimes but still takes orders from no one, gesturing to his supporters in the gallery, something he was told not to do. then insisting he was cold and needed to wear his cap, an act of defiance that the judges would not stand for. the judges tried to restore order by having the charges read. >> under count one, mr. mladic, you are charged with genocide. >> reporter: the former boss nene serb commander, a man accused of genocide and of the largest massacre in europe since world war ii, was not about to cooperate. finally, after heated interruptions, the judges had had enough. >> mr. mladic, the court orders that you be removed from the courtroom. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: the residents that
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mladic had held under siege for four years are putting up pictures of his victims, trying to keep the focus, they say, on them. the court has experience with this sort of thing. former serb president ran rings around them for years before he died as his case drug on. in throwing mladic out of court, the judges seem to want to assert their control over the court before he does. >> judges trying to keep control of courtrooms no matter where it is, right? >> near and far, it seems. you're right. speaking of keeping control, rebecca jarvis is keeping control of the news desk since you're over here. >> good morning. six people are missing after a fishing boat carrying american tourists capsized. one american died in the waters
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south of san felipe. u.s. coast guard is helping with the search for the missing. >> the boat went down yesterday morning. there were 44 people on board. today we're planning on doing a search at first light, using one of our helicopters. >> some were able to swim to shore and others were picked up by other boats. exxonmobil is sending more workers to try to contain an oil spill fouling the yellowstone river. a 12-inch pipeline ruptured friday, sending 42,000 gallons of crude into the river. globs of oil are spotted 40 miles away. the president of exxon mobil says it's limited to a 12-mile area. >> we proceeded to close other valves along the lines, isolate as much individual segments as
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we could. >> he also said the oil appears to be evaporating as it goes downstream. montana governor brian schwitzer says more investigations are needed to determine the extent of the spill. a search is under way in afghanistan for a missing british soldier. officials say he disappeared in the southern part of the country. the taliban claim that is they captured and executed an american soldier yesterday. that has not been verified. new clashes in syria this morning, soldiers and tanks have moved into towns near the border with turkey and storm houses in hama as thousands people took part in prodemocracy demonstrations. at least six people were wounded in the latest military maneuver. prosecutors in new york say they are not dropping the sexual assault case against dominique strauss-kahn. not yet, at least. he and his wife were mobbed by the media after they left their manhattan apartment on saturday. former head of the imf was released from house arrest after
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prosecutors said his accuser has a history of lying. a poll conducted for this july 4th holiday shows a surprising number of americans know very little about it. just 58% of those surveyed knew america declared independence in 1776. 26% were unsure. 16% guessed another year. 76% correctly said we declared independence from britain but 19% were unsure and 5% said another country. very
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stwheers a nice start to the day around the bay area. most of the day and we are expecting high pressure to hold off with a little cooler in spots today. looking toward the san jose area you have clear cloudy skies. one point may see cloud later on out soord the coast line. highs expected in the 60s toward the coast. a lots of 80s and 90s inside the bay and plenty of 90s inland today. tomorrow may be a little bit warmer. after that we start cooling down and heading toward next weekend. >> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. erica, good morning. >> good morning to you. going to get you latest on
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prince william and kathryn's north american tour. they are now on prince edward's island. amanda walker of sky tv has more. >> reporter: a grand entrance to quebec aboard "hmcs montreal." the center for disadvantaged young people, a break from formality which both seem to appreciate. they appear genuinely impressed by this magic trick, a rare moment when somebody else is in the spotlight. william indulged in a little table football, the champ let off steam before duty called. amid the pomp of the city ceremony william gave a speech slowly in french, this is
7:17 am
canada's french heartland. the couple can't be unaware of sensitivities that lie most strongly with separatists, once again they faced protests, this meant heavy security, fans who got to meet them were hand picked from the crowd by guards. >> it's an honor, a real honor to meet any member of the royal family. for me especially -- sorry -- for me, i'm a royalist through and through. it's a great moment for my life. >> reporter: and kept a small fraction of the crowd happy, at times it was more like a movie premiere, quickly becoming clear who the star of the show is. amanda walker sky news for cbs news, quebec. >> later today prince william has a little work to do for his other job as a helicopter rescue pilot in a training exercise he will land a helicopter on the water for the first time. >> how is will's french by the way? >> it's not bad. it's not bad. a little bit of a british accent
7:18 am
but you're supposed to if you're british. >> cool to see. still ahead are republicans opening the door on concessions as democrats insist on tax hikes along with spending cuts. we'll go to washington for more and debate that in studio here. also it's been a tough six months in the economy, high unemployment and high gas prices, will the outlook improve during the second half of this year? we'll answer that or try to at least. you're you're watching "the early show" here on cbs.
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there was the tiniest little glimmer of hope, republican senator john cornyn might be limit to subsidies and tax breaks. john mccain said he'd consider unspecified revenue raisers. will it happen? that's ahead. >> unlikely. this portion of "the early show" sponsored by,
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trying to prevent more violence after a series 0f deadly shootings. at least three people were killed in shootings last night in richmon prevent more violence after a series of deadly shootings. at least three people were killed in shootings last night in richmond and unincorporated area of north richland. police trying to determine if the shootings were related. they happened within two miles of one another. and a man died after an hour after being shot by bart police at the civic center station in san francisco. there has been no word on what led at least one officer to shoot the man on the platform last night. two officers responded to a call about a man who appeared drunk and was armed with a knife. shooting happened after they arrived. there will be a parallel investigations by bart police and the san francisco police as well. in a smoky fire that
7:26 am
started an hour and a half ago in san francisco under investigation. the three alarm fire is burning in an apartment building in the 4,000 block of mission street. one resident taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. no other injuries were reported but a couple of dogs had to be rescued from that building. they are doing just fine. lawrence will be along with your holiday weather coming up. looks good, too. right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:27 am
7:28 am
good morning, folks. if you are headed out what a beautiful start to the fourth of july. looking great. in the valley temperature staying mild there. we were seeing some fog off the coast line and that may move in along the coast later on for today. mostly clear skies right now. even in san francisco what a beautiful begin together day. looks like temperatures beginning to cool down. just a bit as high pressure weakening somewhat. you can see just a finger of fog beginning to make its way down from the north coast down and hovering off our coast line. that could move in along the beach a little later today. numbers in the 50s and the 60s outside right now. already heating things up. many spots inland. afternoon it will be hot. maybe not the triple digits but talking 97 degrees in livermered and 91 in san jose, next couple of days may be hotter for tomorrow and then the temperatures begin to cool down. much cooler as we head toward
7:29 am
next weekend. ,,,,,,,,
7:30 am
nice music on this fourth of july holiday. happy fourth, everyone. welcome back to "the early show." coming up here, congress gets back to work tomorrow on budget cuts and raising the country's debt limit, with a deadline now less than a month away what we're told is the deadline less than a month away, talks between the white house and republicans are still at a standstill, a couple senate republicans made interesting comments over the weekend. we'll hear more from both sides coming up in a minute, including an interesting suggestion from bill clinton. >> a suggestion for the president and ma survivors were able
7:31 am
to swim to shore and the u.s. coast guard is helping with the search. the casey anthony trial
7:32 am
congress is celebrating the fourth of july today along with everyone else. lawmakers will be back on capitol hill tomorrow, still facing an impasse over raising the nation's debt limit. nancy cordes has details on that.
7:33 am
good morning to you and happy fourth. >> thanks, jeff. good morning to you as well. the senate was supposed to be in recess all week but they were foregoing the break to be here and try to break the stalemate. hard to see where the middle ground lies with republicans for starters insisting that tax increases are off the table. >> the last thing that employers need is further disincentives to not hire people, and that's what higher taxes would mean. >> reporter: democrats led by president obama are just as adamant that the deal to decrease the deficit should include revenue raisers, top of the list ending tax breaks for oil and gas companies as well as companies that shutter plants in the u.s. and move jobs overseas. >> it would be nice if we could keep every tax break but we can't afford them. we've got to cut the deficit but we can do that while making investments in education and
7:34 am
research and technology that actually create jobs. >> reporter: republicans and democrats have little time to reach a deal. the treasury department says if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling by august 2nd the federal government won't be able to pay its debts which could deal a body blow to the still fragile economy. bill clinton weighed into the debate arguing a mini deal that would fund the government for the next six to eight months might be the best option, including $1 trillion of already agreed to spending cuts. speaking at a conference in aspen, colorado, mr. clinton also advised president obama to hang tough, saying "the white house could blank. i hope that won't happen. i don't think they should blink." so far, there are no talks scheduled for this week between the white house and congressional republicans, so everyone will be here, jeff. it's not just clear whether they'll actually be talking.
7:35 am
>> very good question, nancy cordes in washington. joining us now amy holmes, co-host of america's radio nose and jennifer palmieri, of the center for american progress, a liberal think tank. just so we can recap over the weekend nothing got done as far as we know. >> nothing got done no progress really made. republicans are coming out saying they would possibly support revenue increases which is encouraging. >> we did hear that. significant amy? >> it is significant. you could say this is a game of chicken or uncle and who is going to blink first, but there was progress on the conservative side, senator cornyn saying he will support a vote or rather mitch mcconnell saying he will
7:36 am
attach the budget amendment. >> is that something that would work? >> he's my former bus, bill clinton -- >> full disclosure. >> he likes to mix things in to get things exciting, we could agree to deficit reduction, $1 trillion which is what you have to raise the limit by to make it through the election but to try and make, to do something for six months and come back in an actual presidential election year and get serious deficit reduction doesn't seem like a great way to govern but that would be better than not passing the debt limit at all. >> doing this to get past the election so they might be a debate republicans would welcome because this is territory they're comfortable on and if you look at president obama last week in his press conference railing, banging on against corporate jets to me that's a
7:37 am
sign of weakness democrats have as you reported to agree to $1 trillion in cuts it's not if we're going to cut but by how much. we could take all the corporate jets in america, break them down for parts and sell them to brunei and we'd not get out of the deficit hole. it's not in the republicans' best interest if there are real significant economic consequences and standard & poor's would downgrade our credit rating if that translates into everyday americans seeing their credit card interest is go up and if there are unemployment numbers and gas price numbers if this conspires to make the economy more challenging to the average american voter no it is not good for republicans to push this past august 2nd. >> jennifer who budges? >> i'm confident they can both get this done. when we had the last showdown in
7:38 am
april when the government was going to shut down, they compromised. >> it was again going to be catastrophic. >> not nearly as catastrophic as this. >> we've heard this twice before this. >> christmas, and in april the n a government shutdown. i hope it's a longer than shorter terl. >> we have to wrap here. i think this will probably get done at the last minute. amy and jennifer, thank you very much. up next as the debt debate continues we'll look at the economy, how it did the first half of the year not good and chances it has for the second half of the year. you're watching "the early show" he watching "the early show" it was a calling to be there for the veterans who protect our freedoms working with today's va i can use my license anywhere in the u.s. in the city or the wide open spaces
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7:42 am
a lot of folks are saying let's look at the last six months. >> hoping it will are better. >> as we look forward and so many people have been focused on in the first six months of the year are looking at the high unemployment numbers which don't give an indication we're seeing improvement. what are the thinking on the unemployment numbers from analysts. >> if you look at the combination of the year 9.4%. now the unemployment rate is 9.1%. many analysts don't anticipate it will get that much better by year end. all of the state shutdowns and state problems we've been seeing are adding to it. employers are still questioning whether the strength of the economy is real and the momentum, some that we began the year with has sort of petered out. the best thing to think about in terms of optimism here is manufacturing. that's an industry growing again, we like to see that because it helped the recovery in general. >> hopefully that will help the recovery and unemployment numbers. gas prices we talked so much about.
7:43 am
they are dropping which is great news for americans but they did have a significant impact on the economy in the first six months of the year. >> yeah they really did, one of two major headwinds facing our economy. the other one being the japan earthquake which had a ripple effect on tons of businesses here in the united states. prices are down, rather up about 50 cents but projected to continue falling over the year, still better than it was at its peak almost $4 a gallon. >> and also a potential glimmer of hope in the housing market which was tough in the beginning of the year but just at the end of last week some positive information on home prices for major cities, how will that translate across the kr i count? >> major cities are improving. the hope is it will bring the rest of the country higher. the more people are confident the better numbers they become. they're down 7.3% median rate oversaul. >> overall there's hope for the next six months.
7:44 am
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♪ it's natural, guilt-free no artificiality ♪ ♪ it won't land on my hips or my thighs ♪ [ announcer ] truvia. honestly sweet. many retired senior citizens do volunteer work but this is something extraordinary. a group of seniors in japan is offering to take the place of younger workers at a nuclear power plant crippled by the recent tsunami. cbs's lucy craft has more. >> reporter: they're signing up for duty at fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. signing up he says has a moral obligation. >> translator: making young people do the harsh work at the
7:48 am
nuclear plant is cruel. i want to shoulder some of their burden. >> reporter: for others the mission is personal. >> translator: if the nuclear plant isn't brought under control it could have all kinds of effects on young children. i couldn't just sit back and do nothing. >> reporter: founder yasuteroyama da is a no-nonsense engineer. he says it simply makes more sense for seniors in the sunset of their lives to pitch in. >> senior people, elder people will get less radiation and therefore we say older people should take action. >> reporter:yama da's xanor maho mats bushie said he made up his mind after the accident. she says most japanese are
7:49 am
thinking gee someone has to go into the the radiation and fix the plant, i hope it's nobody i know. yama da couldn't let others take the risk. he had to help. he survived a narrow brush with lymphoma three years ago. he's determined to make every moment of his life count. yama da plans to make his first trip to survey the crippled plant later this month. lucy craft, tokyo. >> not sure it's possible to overstate the sacrifice. >> a beautiful selfless offer. >> you're watching "the early show" on cbs. lots of sun, some rain and that's how they get this big and beautiful.
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7:55 am
police shooting is let's get you caught up on some the headlines. a very busy night. a deadly bart police shooting is under investigation. bart police were called to the civic center station last night about a man who appeared to be drunk and was brandishing a knife within seconds of their arrive the man was shot. investigators and the san francisco pd are talking with witnesses now. and deadly gunfire erupted in multiple locations at richmond last night. three people were killed. several others had been be injured in four separate incidents a at 11:00 pooh p p.m. a 19-year-old man was shot in his car on center avenue after he was preparing to leave and then 15 minutes later a 27-year- old man was fatally shot at mcdonald avenue and first street. firefighters have now gained control of the fire of an
7:56 am
apartment building in san francisco's glen park neighborhood. firefighters first responded about 5:50 this morning and the fire went to three alarms. you see a couple of dogs were rescued. no injuries. we will have an update coming up today at noon. got your traffic and weather in just a moment. stay right there. introduces g at extraordinary savings. presenting five signature lifestyles: romance, vintage, modern, elegance, and explorer. five visions of american style inspired by you. find your signature lifestyle at a design center today. come in now.
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7:58 am
happy fourth of july. if you are just getting up what a gorgeous is that right to the day. clear skies all over the bay area all over the coast line today from the valleys to the beaches. you are looking good so far. as we head toward the afternoon things may change a bit. mount vaca cam looking good. clear skies and very warm to mild temperatures around the bay area right now. looks like it is going to stay that way. things could change a bit. you begin to see this right here. batch of clouds working its way down the coast line and that will be hung about at the beaches later on today. some patchy fog moving toward the coast line. rite now 50s and 60s. by the afternoon still going to be hot in many spots inland into the 90s. livermore 967 degrees. 94 in concord. 91 in the napa valley and 81 degree in oakland. 60s toward the coast. next couple days may heat up as we head toward tomorrow and then cool things down. looks like much cooler temperatures looking toward next weekend.
7:59 am
i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of: plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue. well uh, and every weekend, seems like we're headin' down to the lake. we're pullin' a boat or somethin'. i don't know why. i just do. it's not a problem. i don't mind as long as we always stop at chevron and get that techron stuff. my ears flop around too. check it out. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. it's hard work; i need a nap.
8:00 am
there we see it being unveiled, it is a ten-foot bronze statue of president ronald reagan unveiled this morning in london. it joins the statues of roosevelt and eisenhower near the u.s. embassy. we'll take you to that ceremony in london in just a moment. very appropriately, of course, on the fourth of july. welcome back to "the early show." at the top of the hour on this independence day, i'm erica along with jeff glor. this hour, dominique strauss-kahn's charges shook up france. well, now the question is as the case, some say, is crumbling,
8:01 am
could there be another shake-up? if those charges are dropped, could he, in fact, get back into the political arena in france? we'll look at that. a little poll out over the weekend asking folks how they feel about it. >> very interesting numbers. by many accounts of the royal newlyweds are turning into the king and queen of canada this weekend and holiday. william and catherine have been busy. another busy day ahead. we'll get the latest on the trip, the reaction and even the occasional protest. victoria will be here with a lot more on that. first, a rare honor in britain for president ronald reagan. this morning on the fourth of july, our 40th president gets his own statue in london. our elizabeth palmer has more. >> reporter: a crowd of admirers, most americans, took their seats in one of london's most historic parks for the ceremony which marks the 100th anniversary of ronald reagan's birth. >> i think he would describe it the 61st anniversary of his 39th birthday.
8:02 am
>> reporter: the backdrop was festive fourth of july pomp. and the dignitaries included former secretary of state condoleezza rice. but one key figure was missing. margaret thatcher, britain's prime minister during ronald reagan's term in office and his staunchest international ally. too frail to attend, lady thatcher asked britain's foreign secretary to read a tribute on her behalf. >> ronald reagan was a great president and a great man. a true leader for our times. he held clear principles and acted upon them with purpose. >> reporter: ten feet tall and cast in bronze, the statue of ronald reagan was commissioned by the reagan foundation and paid for by private donors. ronald reagan's financial and social conservatism still make him a controversial figure here in the uk. but he is widely admired for his diplomatic skills and especially his willingness to engage the
8:03 am
soviet union and help end the cold war. it is for his international statesmanship that ronald reagan will be remembered on this side of the atlantic and for a rare combination of skill, luck and courage that gave him a giant's role in modern history. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. and at three minutes past the hour, here's erica. want to get you the latest on the sexual assault charges against dominique strauss-kahn. this morning the former imf chairman is free to go wherever he wants in the u.s. and may be rethinking his political future in france as new york prosecutors try to figure out how to salvage their case. our michelle miller has more. >> reporter: dominique strauss-kahn took his wife to dinner at an upscale manhattan restaurant saturday, celebrating his first night on the town as a free man since his may 14th arrest on rape and sexual assault charges. friday strauss-kahn left court with a smile on his face after a judge released him on his own
8:04 am
recognizance, freeing him from house arrest and returning $6 million in bail. >> we have been conducting a -- >> reporter: the case against the former imf head is said to be collapsing because of the continuing revelations regarding the woman who accused him of rape. in the course of their investigation, prosecutors say the woman repeatedly lied, lied about important details regarding the encounter, lied about being gang raped, lied about her finances to qualify for low-income housing, and declared affronts on her taxes to increase her refund. but the victim's attorney, ken thompson, says despite these discrepancies, the forensic evidence holds. >> it is a fact that the victim here made some mistakes. but you cannot discount the powerful physical evidence that was left behind during that assault. >> reporter: former federal prosecutor sonny hostins said
8:05 am
the damage is done. >> this case can't be salvaged. the case is over. in a rape case where there are no witnesses, no identifying witnesses other than the victim and the defendant, the victim's credibility is paramount. >> reporter: sunday a new york tabloid revealed another shocking allegation claiming the maid performed sexual services for hotel guests alongside her housekeeping duties. in france, the news of strauss-kahn's release prompted outrage among many who felt there had been an unfair rush to judgment. >> translator: i always believed it was a fabrication and that she was doing it to make money. i admire him enormously. >> reporter: and allies in the socialist party are calling for his return to presidential politics, even petitioning to move a filing deadline so he be eligible for an october primary. michelle miller, cbs news, new york. >> and joining us from paris with a closer look at strauss-kahn's political future is french journalist ann
8:06 am
elizabeth. it didn't take long for talk of a return to politics. 49% of people polled said they'd like him to return to politics. 45% said no. does he have a political future? >> well, he has a political future. does he have a political future in those elections as a candidate? we don't know yet. his friends would like him to run. some of the candidates to the primaries actually also would like him to run. the socialist party was not so hot about running herself. and so she probably would push for him to come back into the race. he's not even out of the woods legally in america. he cannot leave american territory yet. he has relinquished his passport. for the public after the sort of shock of the past few days, i think it would look a bit weird. but certainly he can be a
8:07 am
kingmaker in this election. >> is there the support out there for him, whether it looks a bit weird or not, is it genuine support or is it some of it fueled by the backlash and outrage over the way things are done here in the u.s.? >> well, there is an element of that. there is an element that the election was sort of stolen quote, unquote, from the french public. but certainly the people who you're hearing now are all his friends. they're very voi sifro vocifero prudent about his private life that went on during all this time. so i think this is a bit early days. i think people are still in shock. they've been very critical of american -- the american judicial system. but now they see that the system can reverse and turn on a dime and do 180 degrees, sort of the turnabout. so this is also something that would not happen in france, and
8:08 am
they are a bit impressed at the same time they're still reeling under the effect of all those revelations. >> is there any indication, by the way, that he's actually interested in running? >> that's a good point. that is a very good point. and when you saw him going out to dinner to a luxury restaurant and shell out $600 for dinner, this is the sort of thing that if you're the socialist candidate to the elections in france, you do not do. it's certainly the sort of thing you do when you felt you were going to be in jail for years. nobody knows whether he wants to be vindicated or whether he thinks this is too much hassle and i'll be behind the scenes. >> there was a lot of talk about the impact these charges had on the dialogue in france. not just politically in that a private life that was often off limits is now sort of on the table. but also a dialogue about how women are treated. has that changed at all in the last couple of months? >> that has hugely changed, and i think that's going to be a very important element in those
8:09 am
elections because french -- male politicians have all said oh, we're back to square one. nobody discussed the relationship between men and women in french politics. nobody talked about sexism. i think the women are saying you can't tell us we have to go back to our basket now. i can see there are crucial percentage points of the voters who would have voted for strauss-kahn, and that may mean the difference between victory and defeat. >> ann elizabeth, thanks for being with us today. >> thank you. and now here's rebecca. i thought you were going to interview her in french, by the way. >> no, i wasn't. >> it's fantastic when you speak french. >> i'm glad you like it. >> i love it. rebecca jarvis at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning to you. mexican officials say one u.s. tourist has died after a fishing boat sank off the coast of baja, california. eight other people are missing. the boat capsized yesterday in the sea of cortez south of the port of san philiplipphillipe.
8:10 am
there were 44 people aboard including 27 americans. the u.s. coast guard says it has joined the search. >> the mexican navy has been searching as well as good samaritans in the area. >> some of those survivors were picked up by other boats. exxon mobil is sending more workers this morning to try and contain a massive oil spill fouling the yellowstone river. a pipeline ruptured near laurel, montana, on friday sending about 42,000 gallons of crude downstream. david jay from our cbs affiliate ktvq in billings has the latest. >> it's heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking, man. >> reporter: those who live in montana's big sky country are used to scenes of stunning beauty. >> we're all proud of it. >> reporter: but homeowners evacuated by the weekend oil spill returned to the heart-wrenching sight of slick black river and pungent smell of crude. >> it was real overwhelming.
8:11 am
>> reporter: cleanup crews from exxon mobil hope to soak up the sludge with absorbent pads. but the river is fast moving and still swollen from the worst spring flooding in 50 years. >> we actually shut down this pipeline in late may as a precautionary measure when we had the very heavy rains in this area. >> reporter: the cause of the rupture is unknown. exxon mobil says the worst damage is limited to a ten-mile stretch. but montana governor brian schweitzer dismissed that as premature saying we've got to have a physical inspection of that river in small boats and soon. he also slammed the claim that no wildlife was injured. >> there's oil all over the topsoil. i don't want my animals eating that. >> reporter: oil has seeped onto pasture land used for livestock. it's been spotted 100 miles down river. >> it's swroeoverwhelming and s. >> reporter: yellowstone park is not threatened. for cbs news, i'm david jay, billings, montana.
8:12 am
after six weeks of often bizarre testimony, the casey anthony trial goes to jury today. prosecutors finished their closing arguments this morning, and they say that she used duct tape to kill her daughter, caylee. but anthony's attorney says that her daughter's death was accidental. anthony faces the death penalty if convicted. scott pelley has a preview now of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> good morning. it's a drug that millions take to help them quit smoking. but now there are serious concerns about potentially dangerous side effects. we'll explain tonight on the "cbs evening news."
8:13 am
this weather report sponsored by subway. try the new subway $3 breakfast
8:14 am
combo today. thanks so much. that's your latest weather. now here's erica. >> thanks. just ahead, the canadian love fest continues for prince william and kate. and they even managed to escape the love for a little alone time. yes! yes. >> whoa! >> that's just ahead. more on how they're charming nearly everyone they meet. could it have anything to do with the maple leaf on the fascinator? you're watching "the early show" on cbs. the new $3 flatbread breakfast combo. [ moos ] a toasty 6-inch flatbread breakfast sandwich and a 16-ounce cup of freshly brewed seattle's best coffee. all for just $3. [ clucks ] build a breakfast of epic proportions, like the crispalicious bacon, egg, & cheese with everything from juicy tomatoes to zesty jalapenos, for a delicious way to start your day. the new subway $3 flatbread breakfast combo. build your better breakfast today. i love this slide !
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8:18 am
let's talk about this. erica called it a lovefest. they've had this jam packed trip so far. they've had some down time now? >> just a little but they used it wisely on friday they got a whole four hours together but said to be very romantic and private. william rode kate across the lake on the outskirts of quebec, went to a log cabin, and they explored the park and had a picnic. if there's a baby nine months from now the headlines are going to read "made in canada." >> those reporters are so cheek cheeky. >> william and kate mania has gripped canada entirely due to the fact the couple are interacting with the crowd, there's focus and eye contact. kate was sharing quite personal moments with one of the army
8:19 am
wives the day she arrived, talked about the fact she gets nervous when william's out on a mission and frightened something will happen to him. we never see royals making personal contact quite on that level but makes this couple instantly relatable. >> she's handling herself very well. there was protesting, some people called them parasites because canada was paying for the trip. how did they handle that? >> the protesters are not out in numbers. there were no walkabouts because of security concerns. william and kate did go out for impromptu walkabout. in 2009 protesters were blocking the streets and throwing eggs. yesterday they were a big fan.
8:20 am
william is going to a rowing competition and closing out with the canadian search and rescue team, so a nice way to close out the day. >> they come to the u.s. this coming week, five days away from the u.s. visit. >> friday they land in los angeles and if that's not the invitation to get to any of the events they're going to be at it is going to be quite the celebrity fest. i think hollywood is getting excited. people have paid up to $60,000 to play polo with william on saturday in santa barbara. >> 60 grand for a polo match? nice if you have it. victoria arbiter happy fourth. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show." [ female announcer ] nutri-grain -- one good decision... can lead to another. ♪
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8:22 am
some actors and celebrities give their name to something to make an experience or two but for some it may feel like it's
8:23 am
name only. for some it may feel like it's name only. gary sinise is ,,,,,,,,,,,, 3q
8:24 am
when water doesn't dry, it can leave spots and film. finish jet dry rinse agent removes residue and actively dries dishes, for a brilliant shine straight from the dishwasher.
8:25 am
finish jet dry rinse agent. finish. the diamond standard. are confirmed dead and several others are injured after multiple shootings in the time for news headlines. three people are confirmed dead, several others are injured after a multiple shooting in the richmond area overnight. they happened within a few hours in just a couple miles. each other. police are now investigating whether the shootings at four different locations are connected. fireworks may be the cause of a fire that burned 45 cars in south san francisco. the fire happened yesterday at an overflow lot for the hertz rental car that's on mitchell avenue. firefighters found about ten cars on fire with strong winds fueling the flames there. investigators have found some fireworks to -- but not where the fire originally started. and a man said to have a knife was shot and killed by bart officers at the civic center station last night. two bart officers responding to a call reporting that a drunk man was on the platform.
8:26 am
shooting happened shortly after they arrived. one officer suffering minor injuries. investigation now underway by bart police and sfpd as well. that's your weather and it's a great fourth of july forecast coming up right after this. ,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪ sunnyd! ♪ it's the way you make it all fun ♪ know who makes the day sunny? my mom and sunny d! i love the taste. mom loves the vitamin c. and now it has 40% fewer calories than most regular soda brands. sunnyd! ♪ make today a sunny day! drink up and download free music! find out more at all right, folks getting going here. we were changes in the works.
8:28 am
looking good heading inland. clear skies over the napa valley or central valley and looks like it's going to stay clear all day long. of course, we saw some triple digit temperatures the past couple of days and not quite as hot for today. over san francisco you are looking good. mostly clear skies but we have seen some changes out toward the immediate coast line. just now beginning to see a couple of patches of fog forming here. we will see more of that as we head throughout the day today. it will get cloudy and cooler out toward the beaches. temperatures right now in the 50s toward the coast. 60s a few 70s beginning to show up in the valleys and you get the idea. working on a nice warm day. going to be hot inland. 97 in livermore. 91 in san jose. about 88 in san rafael and 76 degrees in san francisco. plan on much cooler temperatures out toward the coast line. should get a little hotter for tomorrow but briefly and then looks like much cooler weather for the remainder of the week.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back. you're watching "the early show." it is july 4th, happy independence day, coming up here. something different for your kids to do this summer, instead of playing video games all day, which i did, if they can get their hands -- >> look where that got you. >> exactly right. they can get their hands a little dirty, a farm camp, learning how the food we eat
8:31 am
gets to our table, kids do everything, from collecting the food we eat to cleaning. did you ever wonder how all of the traditions came about like the fireworks, backyard barbecues, such a part of the holiday? we'll get you the answers and a couple more. the author of "the fourth of july encyclopedia" is with us. >> professor hill is with us this morning. you'll educate us this morning, both of you. >> we're all in on this one. coming up soon, but first, all of the roles actor gary sinise has tackled on stage, tv and the movies, none is more important than supporting troops and the veterans. one of the veterans he's helping a young man who is an inspiration. these days actor gary sinise is
8:32 am
known for playing detective mac taylor on "csi: new york" but for a legion of his fans in the military, he'll always be knowns a -- >> lieutenant dan. >> reporter: lieutenant dan, the no nonsense officer in "forrest gump" from loses both legs in vietnam. >> that character is resilient in the end, comes back strong. >> reporter: sinise gave that character's name to his group, which raises money for troops around the world. and to raise money, so soldiers can get their lives back. >> there's a lot of causes out there, a lot of people that need help but our freedom is fought for and defended by the people that choose military service as their career. >> reporter: sinise just began a new foundation and he's releasing a documentary today
8:33 am
about lieutenant dan band. ♪ one of his projects, building a house for brendan marrocco who lost both arms and both legs, when an explosion tore through his vehicle in iraq in 2009. he was the first quad amputee to survive in the battlefield. a lieutenant dan band concert last summer served as a fund-raiser. >> certainly inspiring and humbling to see how he's rallied in this difficult challenge that he has in his life now. >> reporter: the house was completed in june and last week, we joined sinise and marrocco as he gave the actor his first tour. >> wow, man, they did a great job. >> reporter: the place is fully equipped for marrocco, elevator, extra large shower and kitchen with cabinets that lower so he can reach food and glasses, the whole house is controlled by a special ipad app. >> i love it. the house is amazing.
8:34 am
it's a lot better than anything i ever thought it would be. >> reporter: the same could be said about marrocco. his injuries would fort just about anyone else to give up but he pushes on, inspiringly and matter of factually. the recovery process, how has it been different than you expected? >> it's really not as difficult as i thought. i mean don't get me wrong it's very difficult, time consuming and painful at times, but i think when i first got blown up i thought it was going to be a lot harder than it is. so i guess i'm pretty grateful for that. >> reporter: i find it interesting the way you refer to it. i say "i got blown up." >> exactly what happened. i'm not going to sugar coat it. "i got injured." no, i got blown up. >> reporter: marrocco still uses his wheelchair. he's learning to walk on prosthetic legs. since marrocco, there have been two other surviving quad amputees. so the lieutenant dan band will
8:35 am
keep on playing and keep on raising money and spirits. brendan marrocco will keep on recovering, his body mending, his mind already strong. >> dwelling on it isn't going to change anything. it's not going to give me my arms and legs back. >> reporter: did you ever ask why me? >> absolutely every day, but i have yet to get an answer. >> amazing attitude he has. >> reporter: he is one of the most inspiring guys you'll ever meet in your life and one of the great things he's looking forward to now is, he's a candidate, going to get the arm transplants. >> actual like an organ transplant? >> he's going to have both arms attached, and it will be done in pittsburgh. you need to find the right match for him and then he'll have about 12 hours to get to pittsburgh and they'll actually put new arms on him, and then it takes, the nerves have to grow down the arm so it takes about two years, if everything goes right, but then eventually he should have his arms again.
8:36 am
>> is that sort of full range of motion? >> yeah, he'll have -- yeah, he'll have arms. if everything goes right, we hope it does, we hope they find the right match, but he's very excited about that, and we're very excited about him getting that, so it's just, it's a great story. >> we'll definitely stay in touch. great story. >> yes, good stuff. rebecca is standing by at the news des in desk with one m check of the headlines. >> good morning to you again. the obama administration is said to be holding intensive negotiations with the auto industry over sharp increases in fuel efficiency. the "new york times" reports that the administration is proposing a boost to an average of more than 56 miles per gallon by 2025. that is double the current standard. in thailand an historic election for the first time thai voters chose a woman as their prime minister. she's the sister of a previous prime minister who was ousted by a military coup.
8:37 am
military officials in thailand say this time they won't intervene. the mother of amanda knox is in court in italy this morning. she and her husband are charged with slander for saying their daughter was mistreated by italian police. amanda knox is currently appealing her murder conviction. the army says the very last draftee to fight in the vietnam war is about to retire. 58-year-old command sergeant major jeff melanger was ordered to report for duty back in 1972, when he was only 19 years old. and an early start to fourth of july fireworks here in new york this tweak understand. this weekend. the new york police department destroyed more than 2 1/2 tons of illegal fireworks. police say they collected them from 70 people they arrested. and you can actually hit the slopes on the fourth of july ski areas in idaho, colorado and other western states are open
8:38 am
today thanks to record snowfall. it's a chance to get a tan, practice your downhill racing moves.
8:39 am
>>thanks so much. that's your latest weather. now here's erica. if you ask most kids these days what they want to be when they grow up chances are they're not going to say farmers. centuries ago nearly half were farmers. these days nearly 1%. good morning. >> very exciting good morning to you erica. an average child can identify
8:40 am
more than 1,000 corporate labels but only ten plants and animals in his or her own backyard. how do you deal with that lack of knowledge? some kids get to go to farm camp. >> want to be nice to the chickens. >> reporter: on a sun drenched farm 25 minutes north of new york city there are plenty of discoveries to be made. >> feels kind of warm. >> reporter: stone barn center for food and agriculture opened its gates in 2004. >> why does the chicken want to lay eggs? >> reporter: it took less than a year for its educational staff to hatch the idea of farm camp. >> you guys doing okay? want more seed? >> reporter: campers spend a minimum of a week exploring all of the facets of a working farm, collecting eggs, picking raspberries, even seeding a pig pen. >> for many children this might be the first time they get to spend one or two weeks outdoors. it's a wonderful thing. >> reporter: do they ask for more? >> they do, they can't get enough. >> reporter: these kids are part of the so-called nature deficit
8:41 am
generation, and they spend half as much time outdoors as children 20 years ago. on average they spend about six hours in front of computer and tv screens and less than four minutes engaged in unstructured outdoor play per day. >> our children today are living lifestyles overwhelmingly indoors, and sedentary. >> reporter: the 20th century population shift from rural to urban areas has literally changed the nature of childhood. in the year 1900, 40% of the population lived in cities. by 2010, that percentage had doubled. the face of the american farming community has also drastically changed. back in 1880, 50% of the u.s. workforce were farmers. today, it's just 2%, and the average age of these 2 million remaining farmers is 60. >> you're going to look for the ones that really turned ripe. >> reporter: farm camp is designed to connect young people with nature. did you think this is how raspberries grew?
8:42 am
>> no. >> reporter: are you surprised? >> yeah. i thought they grew on a tree. >> next time they eat fruit they'll remember these plants. it changes your perception of quality. >> reporter: so the raspberries the kids picked earlier could be on the dessert menu? >> yeah and would be. >> reporter: stone farm is home to blue hill, a world renowned restaurant whose farm-to-table philosophy inspired michelle obama to choose it as the site as the let's move campaign to end childhood obesity. >> they may not use their math later but all going to eat. having basic knowledge about how it works and beyond the shopping idea of mom and the shopping cart and all of the food comes from the store down the street is really important. >> reporter: do you think you'll continue healthy eating habits? >> yeah. >> reporter: why? >> now i know what i'm eating. >> reporter: it's an idea that seems to be catching on.
8:43 am
83% of camps across the country have added gardening activities in the past five years. 19% have added farming and ranching. >> when they get their hands dirty and help pull a carrot or harvest a tomato they get inspired to try new things. >> reporter: the bigger goal goes beyond the summer experience. >> these young people will be the inheritors of our earth and the drivers to shape change and sustainability as we move forward. >> reporter: for these campers, there's nothing more important than having a good time and that's exactly what camp should be. >> who wants to get in there and roll around with the pigs? >> me. >> reporter: if you could, would you? >> yeah. >> i did, too, looked like a lot of fun with the pigs. a week at stone barn's camp costs $400 but about 10% of the campers get scholarships. we also should mention that city kids can connect with nature as well, 30% of new york's city is
8:44 am
green space so you don't have to go very far if you are in an urban area. it's a matter of seeking it out. >> new york does a great job with their parks and great excuses for kids to get out and do things. a great story. >> thank you, it was fun. >> i'll send my kids when they're older. just ahead we celebrate july 4th with a history lesson in historic philadelphia, we'll explore the history of independence day itself. how well do you know,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ to kick off your fourth of july celebration how about a little trip to philadelphia, home of the second continental congress. we found some young americans in philly learning about the nation's early days from some rather familiar faces. >> we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. ♪
8:47 am
>> fourth of july is very significant. it is the date upon which we approved the declaration of independence. >> i believe that it symbolizes the great unity of our colonies, our collective effort to create our own country. >> i think of collaboration, i think of kind of the best of america where people, well the delegates debated together, they really wanted to send a strong message. ♪ it really, you know it's a great day to be american. >> i like all the fireworks. and all that's really fun. >> fireworks. >> i like the fireworks, a whole entire box of fireworks. >> all the fireworks, it's really fun but it's like remembering all the people that
8:48 am
laid down their lives for us. >> i think it's such an important day for us as a nation to celebrate and remember every year and i think it's so uniting to really remember what we were founded on and how blessed we are as a nation. >> the sacrifice it took to make this nation and the opportunity to have, that many people around the world don't have to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. it's a neat opportunity to remember how blessed we are to be in this country. ♪ >> you see that little parade there at the end, one of the great traditions for a lot of folks when it comes to the fourth of july along with the cookout and the fireworks. did you ever wonder how the traditions got started? >> historian jim heintze has written in his book "the fourth
8:49 am
of july encyclopedia." he joins us from washington. happy fourth. >> good morning and fourth of july to you. >> we'll go with fourth of july. >> either way works. >> jim, let me ask you, biggest misconception about july 4th. >> the biggest misconception is the declaration of independence was signed on the fourth of july. actually a presentation handwritten copy was not yet ready, so congress asked timothy m matlack, who was a clerk for the congress to prepare a handwritten copy and it was completed by august the 2nd, when the delegates returned to philadelphia, and they began signing the declaration on that date. >> hmm, clearing that one up. >> we could make it a longer celebration. >> they certainly did. >> the first official celebration was july 4th, 1777, i believe in philadelphia but it didn't become a federal holiday,
8:50 am
jim, as i understand it until 1941. is that right? why did it take so long? >> no, actually it was a holiday, the department heads of congress, even during the revolutionary war, for example, robert morris, who was a financier and officially superintendent of finance for the revolutionary war, gave his employees the day off for the fourth of july, it was considered good citizenship to celebrate, and it wasn't until 1870 that congress enacted legislation providing the day off for federal employees, but with no pay, and then of course 1941 the federal legislation gave the employees, federal employees the day off with pay. >> you heard it here first, folks, good citizenship to celebrate, official word from jim heintze. so jim, fireworks, how did they
8:51 am
come to be associated with july 4th and independence day, beyond the fact they look cool and they're colorful? >> the actual fireworks began in philadelphia and boston in 1777, and in philadelphia at the celebration that you mentioned a minute ago. there was a grand celebration in the evening with 13 rockets were set up to signify the 13 new states of the new nation. >> and the tradition has endured, and the tradition of a celebration as you noticed sort of started at the beginning. we all like a good party here at "the early show." plenty of folks around the country do on this day. 1778, george washington gave his soldiers an extra allotment of rum for the fourth? >> that's right. george washington was camped with his soldiers at new brunswick, new jersey, on july 4th, 1778, and he had his men celebrate the fourth by giving them an extra portion of rum, and they put greenery in their
8:52 am
hats, which was a customary thing to do on entertainments during those days, and he had his artillery line up and fire off a salute, and that's significant because -- >> jim we got to cut you off unfortunately. we're running out of time but happy fourth to you, enjoy an extra pint or whatever of rum today. happy fourth. >> happy fourth of july. >> happy fourth to everyone at home as well. have a good week. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪it's the way you bring out the sun♪ my mom makes any day sunny. sunnyd does, too. with 40% fewer calories than most regular soda brands.
8:55 am
♪ headlines... good morning. it's 8:55. let's getting you caught up with the headlines today. bart police are not saying what prompted at least one officer to open fire and kill a man in san francisco. it happened last night at civic center bart station. the man was shot on the platform after a report of a man brandishing a knife. several residents were sent running from their homes. firefighters have gained control of a fire at an apartment building in the glenn park neighborhood. the fire went to three alarms. no injuries were reported. the dogs had to be rescued and the cause of the fire is not clear. and gun left three dead and
8:56 am
several injured. a 19-year-old man was shot to death in his car on center avenue, 15 minutes later a 27- year-old man was fatally shot at the mcdonald avenue area at first street. the shootings happened within a couple of miles of one another. and police are now interviewing witnesses on the scene. got your weather forecast for the 4th of july and i think you're going to like it. it's all coming up right after this. ,,,, good morning and happy 4th of july everyone.
8:57 am
if you're headed outside today, changes in the weather. hot in many spots inland. sunshine all over the bay and in many of the valleys. we are starting to see a couple of patches of fog towards the coastline. a sign of cool weather ahead. and here it is. surging along the coast. still getting warm in spots. 72 concord, 69 in livermore. and 67 in san jose. by this afternoon, 90s in the san jose area. upper 90s in livermore. 94 in concord. and 81 in oakland. and 67 and some patchy fog at pacifica. we may warm up a little bit as we head in towards tomorrow. wednesday the temperatures start to drop and more fog and clouds on the way. cooler towards next weekend. >> announcer: the fo a paid advertisement for the h2o steam mop x5 brought to you by thane direct. [♪...] >> the x5 is so versatile,
8:58 am
you can use it on everything. >> very easy, not difficult at all. >> amazing. >> look at it coming off! >> it's lightweight. >> it was effortless. >> it's not hard to push at all. >> it's safe for your pets to be around. >> and it took seconds to heat up. >> it definitely cut my time in half. >> you don't have to go shopping for chemicals all the time. >> that's beautiful! [laughs] >> it does the work for you. >> it's an all-in-one product. >> one tool and i'm done. >> announcer: it's time to meet the new h2o x5, the next generation of total home steam-cleaning care. it's the easy-to-use, super lightweight, maneuverable and transformable lean, green steaming machine. a total of five steamers in one. now, here to tell you more is your home-cleaning expert, anthony "the sanitizer" sullivan. >> hi, i'm anthony sullivan, and today i'm gonna be talking about cleaning with steam. and if you've ever thought about owning a steam-cleaning machine, the new x5 takes steam cleaning to a whole new level on every level. firstly, at the push of a button, it'll turn ordinary tap water into steam in less
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than 30 seconds. you'll be cleaning at 230 degrees. but the x5 is more than just a mop. first, it's a multi-surface floor steamer. second, it's a carpet steamer. third, it's a handheld steamer. fourth, it's a window, glass and mirror steamer. and fifth, it's a great garment and upholstery steamer. now, the x5 uses ordinary tap water. you can use hot water or you can use cold water. there's no pressure. it heats up in less than 30 seconds, and you can adjust the steam, and even when it's full, it weighs less than five pounds. it's easy to use and it's lightweight, and remember, when you clean with steam, you sanitize, you deodorize and you clean, all at the same time. the steam will break down the dirt, and when you combine the dirt-trapping power of microfiber, you've got double trouble for all your floors. in your kitchen or your bathroom, the steam will break down the dirt, the grease and the grime and the microfiber clll trap it in there.

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